Most of the more than 7000 rare diseases described thus far are still orphan

Olivier Dunant,
Chairman of the Board

Mr. Dunant is a Partner at Borel & Barbey, a law firm based in Geneva and founded in 1907. Mr. Dunant has wide experience in the fields of banking and finance law, commercial and business law, corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, trusts & estates and international taxation. He is legal counsel and trustee of families living in the US and Europe and a member of several non-profit and philanthropic organizations. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Swiss and foreign finance and banking organizations based in Switzerland. Mr. Dunant graduated from the University of Geneva Law School and the Southern Methodist University Law School in Dallas.

Remy Luthringer, PhD

Dr. Luthringer is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Minerva Neurosciences, Boston. He has been involved in the development of more than 150 active molecules for clinical trials in the central nervous system field. Dr. Luthringer is an Advisor at Medicxi Ventures, formerly Index Ventures, a venture capital firm based in Geneva. Previously, he served as Chief Medical Officer for Index Ventures, with a focus on investments in healthcare infrastructure. He was also head of the FORENAP Institute for Research in Neurosciences and Neuropsychiatry in France. Dr. Luthringer has extensive experience in clinical psychiatric practice and holds a PhD in neurosciences and clinical pharmacology from the University of Strasbourg.

Christophe Maier, MBA, BSc

Mr. Maier is Senior Procurement Manager at Philip Morris International, Neuchâtel, responsible for the setup of R&D contracts with external partners. He previously worked as Technology Project Developer at Nestlé S.A. and Director of Business Development at Apoxis, Lausanne, a biotech company acquired by TopoTarget, Copenhagen. Mr. Maier was co-founder and Managing Director at Edimer Biotech S.A., which developed a drug candidate for the rare orphan disease X-linked hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia. He co-founded Dorphan S.A. to develop medical solutions for the treatment of rare orphan lysosomal storage diseases. Mr. Maier holds a bachelor of science from the Florida Institute of Technology and a master in management of technology from EPFL/University of Lausanne, and University of Texas.

Stephane Demotz, PhD

Stephane Demotz is the co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dorphan S.A. He has over twenty years of professional experience gained in academic institutions and the pharmaceutical industry. He has occupied scientist and manager positions in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in Switzerland and abroad, where he conducted the preclinical development of numerous compounds in the areas of immunology, inflammation, cancer and rare orphan diseases. He was a co-founder of Edimer Biotech S.A., which developed a drug candidate for the rare and orphan disease X-linked hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia. As a member of the Swiss Sanfilippo Foundation since its inception, he co-founded Dorphan S.A. to develop drug candidates for the treatment of rare orphan lysosomal storage diseases. Dr. Demotz holds a PhD in biochemistry and immunology from the University of Lausanne.

Alexander Klimov

Mr. Klimov holds senior management positions at international energy companies in Ukraine, including UGV, the largest producer of natural gas, and Geo Alliance/Vitol Group, the leading international trading and exploration group. He is responsible for strategic development and investment decisions as Director and Head of Strategy/Investments. During his career he was instrumental for a number of cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions, transactions and investment projects in Energy, Metals & Mining, Technology and Real Estate. He was previously Investment Director at the EastOne Group, Interpipe, Metinvestholding/SCM Group and New Europe/Ikon Private Equity. He received his BA in International Economics from the Kiev National Economic University, Ukraine.